Honesty in a Sentence

Sharing Honesty in a sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Honesty in Example Sentences.

Use Honesty in a Sentence

Sentences about honesty

1. He was admired for his kindness and honesty.

2. It is rightly said that honesty is the best policy.

3. She was applauded for her honesty.

4. Everyone could vouch for his honesty.

5. Honesty is a virtue.

6. She replied with brutal honesty.

7. Honesty is the hallmark of her character.

8. He was honored for his honesty all his life.

9. One who practices honesty is trusted and respected by everyone.

10. She was an image of simplicity and honesty.

11. Honesty and hard work made him a successful man.

12. Her name had become a byword for honesty in her community.

13. He inspired many others with his dedication and honesty.

14. In all honesty, the movie was not as good as I expected.

15. The parent spoke of his child’s honesty with utmost pride.

16. Her honesty was quite apparent.

17. Honesty is a moral value that should be taught in childhood.

18. The employee testified for his honesty.

19. You can build on that man’s honesty.

20. Honesty and integrity are regarded as life’s greatest virtues.

21. She was a great role model for her honesty and decency.

22. Honesty provides with confidence and dignity needed in life.

23. Honesty creates a firm foundation in us.

24. One should always use honesty to encourage others and inspire them.

25. His honesty was praiseworthy.


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