Apathy in a Sentence

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Use Apathy in a Sentence

Apathy Sentence

1. He was sunk in apathy after his failure.

2. Assurance does not breed apathy doubt does.

3. If the result is widespread apathy the leaders bear responsibility.

4. There is nothing worse than apathy.

5. How should we overcome the voter’s apathy?

6. You always showed apathy to everyone.

7. Apathy is considered to be a major problem in modern society.

8. She was a victim of police apathy.

9. We are protesting against the apathy of the government.

10. She had the apathy to eat something hot because she was feverish.

11. Apathy leads to lethargy in life.

12. Being spiritual can help you in overcoming apathy.

13. Having an apathy towards things can be your worst enemy.

14. Celebrities who have been falsely accused have become victims of apathy.

15. Teachers are finding ways to reduce apathy among students.

16. Apathy can lead to discontentment in life.

17. The company’s main goal is to reduce consumer apathy.

18. Apathy has never made anyone happy.

19. The problem in today’s generation is apathy towards everything.

20. Workers’ apathy was bad for the company.

21. Having authoritarian management can often lead to apathy among employees.


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