Usefully in a Sentence

Sharing Usefully in a sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Usefully in Example Sentences.

Use Usefully in a Sentence

1. I try to spend my time as usefully as possible.

2. How can we spend each moment of our time usefully?

3. She spent her vacation usefully.

4. He spent his money usefully so that he could remain rich all his life.

5. They could usefully spend the time visiting the countryside.

6. His hobbies kept him usefully busy.

7. A well-planned routine helps us to spend our time usefully.

8. She may usefully make more changes.

9. The movie usefully explores some issues around dowry.

10. Is there anything I can do usefully around here?

11. The research was usefully summarised in that article.

12. You could usefully utilize your time in attending to professional matters.

13. She was trying to find ways of dealing creatively and usefully with her feelings.

14. He had spent his time usefully studying for the exam.

15. Her questions needed clarifying before someone can usefully answer them.

16. Reading novels kept her usefully busy.

17. They spent the money usefully buying new equipment.

18. I suggest this approach can be usefully applied to their whole research.

19. Reading a newspaper in the morning can keep a man usefully busy.

20. How should I spend my time usefully during the summer holidays?


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