Determination in a Sentence

Sharing Determination in a sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Determination in Example Sentences.

Use Determination in a Sentence

Sentence on determination

1. You can achieve anything you want with the power of determination.

2. She was successful in her life due to sheer hard work and determination.

3. Everyone admired him for his determination.

4. He would never give up as he was a man of determination.

5. She was gifted the quality of determination.

6. His grandfather would be always remembered for his courage and determination.

7. If you have a firm determination and a willing heart, you can achieve anything you want.

8. The lawyer worked hard with determination to be successful.

9. One of the most important elements of success is determination.

10. Her faith and determination were stronger than ever.

11. Determination can take you further in life.

12. She was a woman of dignity and determination.

13. She had the determination her brother lacked.

14. It was the manager’s job to instill determination in his employees.

15. The boy showed great determination, I am sure he will do well.

16. The team of volunteers set forward with determination.

17. We must face life with determination, joy, and courage.

18. She showed a lot of determination.

19. He needed determination and not luck to get that job.

20. We intend to pursue this policy with determination.

21. The manager never showed a lack of determination.

22. He was applauded by the whole community for his determination.

23. She fought the illness with determination and fearfulness.

24. Everyone knew that she had strong willpower and determination.

25. She got the highest marks for her determination.


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