Informative in a Sentence

Sharing Informative in a sentence English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Informative in Example Sentences.

Use Informative in a Sentence

1. The text was very precise and informative.

2. He wrote an informative article.

3. The book was informative and interesting to read.

4. The survey proved to be very informative and highly acceptable.

5. The informative newsletter was published once in 3 months.

6. If you’re writing an informative article then you should try to not use negative connotations.

7. The study group was congratulated for presenting their findings in such an informative manner.

8. The talk was to the point and informative.

9. His lecture series was entertaining and informative.

10. He tried to explain the concept in an informative manner.

11. The library staff was friendly and informative.

12. His notes were filled with informative insights.

13. The children’s book was engaging and informative.

14. Thank you for this informative post.

15. His email was informative and helpful.

16. We hope that you found our blog to be informative.

17. The hospital staff was given an informative lecture today.

18. Everyone found his work to be practical and informative.

19. His travel brochure was very informative and well planned.

20. The weather forecast was very informative about today’s weather.


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