Support in a Sentence

Sharing the word Support in a Sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Support in Example Sentences.

Support in a Sentence

1. I will support any decision you made.

2. She always had the support of her family.

3. She assured him of her support.

4. Everyone took an oath to support the king.

5. Thank you everyone for your support.

6. Her support was vital for our project.

7. The least you could do is support your children.

8. We cheered to show our support for the team.

9. She lacks parental support.

10. My mother is my support system.

11. He really needed support from people.

12. The whole community supported his decision.

13. She needed help so she joined an emotional support group.

14. He had no proof to support his thesis.

15. His knees were no longer able to support his body.

16. She appealed to all the like-minded people to support her.

17. The bridge was not strong enough to support the weight.

18. He was conflicted to support her decision.

19. He had everyone’s support to study abroad.

20. The government had the support of the panel to lower the taxes.


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