Interested in Sentence

Sharing the word Interested in a Sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Interested in Example Sentences.

Interested in Sentence

1. She is interested in social work.

2. He is interested in that house for sale.

3. He is not at all interested in sports.

4. All interested parties were invited to the game.

5. She was very much interested in meeting him.

6. I am not interested in finding answers to very complex problems.

7. She was extremely interested in mathematics.

8. I am not interested in this childish game.

9. She gradually became interested in real estate.

10. Are you as interested in photography as we are?

11. I am quite interested in learning world history.

12. The politician’s son was not interested in politics.

13. I am always interested to learn new recipes.

14. I am not interested in getting married.

15. Are you interested in the history behind the invention of computers?

16. I am interested in your thoughts.

17. Her business proposal interested the investors.

18. I am interested in music.

19. He was interested in leasing the apartment.

20. She was not interested in her new job.


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