Flying in a Sentence

Sharing the word Flying in a Sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Flying in Example Sentences.

Flying in a Sentence

1. She overcame her fear of flying.

2. I just heard that you have passed the examination with flying colors.

3. The boys are flying kites.

4. The airplane was flying over the beautiful snowy Hills.

5. She dreams the flying away to an exotic place.

6. He had a huge phobia of flying.

7. The plane was flying above the clouds.

8. I am flying a kite.

9. The children are flying the kite.

10. The birds are flying in the sky.

11. The festivals in the family kept everyone's spirit flying high.

12. The bird was flying high.

13. Her emotions were flying and intense.

14. She was flying to London next week.

15. He was hit in the head by flying shrapnel.

16. I am terrified of flying.

17. She is flying back to the States tomorrow.

18. The mere thought of flying fills me with panic.

19. He was hit by flying debris from the blast.

20. He passed the test with flying colours.


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