Star in a Sentence

Sharing Star in a sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Star in Example Sentences.

Use Star in a Sentence

Star Sentence

1. She was the star of the night.

2. Sun is the biggest star in our solar system.

3. Once a star, always a star.

4. People follow the rising star.

5. She was a star in her mother’s eyes.

6. People love star gazing and moonlit nights.

7. I think she was overwhelmed with the idea of being a star.

8. They enjoyed a star-lit party in the lap of nature.

9. Captains of the ship follow star constellations as a guide.

10. He was going to be a pop star when I grow up.

11. His name shines like a star on the field of football.

12. Who is the biggest Hollywood star here?

13. There are major seven-star constellations.

14. She is the star of the family.

15. Do you know the difference between a planet and a star?

16. That star was visible to the naked eye.

17. That movie star had so many fans.

18. Her attitude always showed that she was a star in making.

19. His extraordinary acting made him a star overnight.

20. A star-lit sky is a sight to behold.


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