Family in a Sentence

Sharing Family in a sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Family in Example Sentences.

Use Family in a Sentence

Family Sentence

1. It was a huge family.

2. That casual diner was a very famous family restaurant.

3. She wrote an essay on her family.

4. She was close to her extended family as well.

5. His family was very well-off.

6. She’s a breadwinner in our family.

7. It is rightly said that a family that eats together stays together.

8. They were talking about starting a family.

9. Father gets up earliest in the family.

10. He always regretted not spending more time with his family.

11. He is the third child in the family.

12. She hugely disliked being away from her family.

13. She gave food to the poor family.

14. He was invited to dinner with her family.

15. His family was very sad when he moved abroad.

16. She always put her family before her career.

17. The royal family is very popular in the whole world.

18. No one can love you like your family.

19. She wears pants in the family.

20. He knew every member of her family.

21. There was a new addition to her family.

22. Having one meal with your family is very important.

23. He was regarded as the black sheep of the family.

24. Everyone must protect their family.

25. The party was in a cozy family setting.


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