Rome Was Not Built in a Day Essay for Students & Children

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Rome Was Not Built in a Day Essay for Students & Children

Short Paragraph | Essay on Rome Was Not Built in a Day

It means glory cannot be achieved overnight and without patient labour. Rome was once at the height of its glory. But this glory took long years to achieve. Similar is the case another thing also. Everybody is after glory but very few attain it. It is because they do not have the necessary patience and perseverance.

Most people lost heart if they do not get immediate success. Naturally, they get out of the race. And, those who stick, do succeed. One must bear in mind that every great work needs proper time, energy, and determination. There is indeed no magic wand to work wonders. We must put in continuous hard labour and wait patiently for success.


Rome was not Built in a day Expansion of Idea ( 120 words )

All great achievements are a result of patience, availability of resources, remarkable skill and painstaking labour. History reveals that the magnificent city of Rome envied for its splendid architecture came into existence after years of hard work. Huge amounts of money and material have gone into its making.

The great wonders of the world remembered for their unique remarkabilities also prove this saying. People want quick results for the work they do. When they are not able to get them, they get impatient and frustrated. They must realise that if they desire to achieve striking and noteworthy results they must be patient enough to devote the proper time and make efficient use of skilled labour and material.


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Rome Was Not Built in a Day Essay in 300 words

A city is not created in a day. It must have taken several years to build the city of Rome in ancient times. From the statement, ‘Rome was not built in a day, we must understand that nothing big can be done or achieved in a day. A house, a dam, a bridge, a palace, a skyscraper, or a spaceship cannot be built in a day. Similarly, no man can become rich overnight. It takes several months or years to build a house or a skyscraper. It is built little by little. A man has to save money little by little in order to become rich in course of time. In the same way, perfect knowledge, scholarship, and speaking ability can be acquired only little by little with patience, perseverance, sincere public interest, and favourable circumstances.

For several hundred years man wanted to fly in the sky like birds. Even the Wright brothers took several months to make the aeroplane. The space explorers also took several years to send the satellites, rockets, and space ships into space. Ford also took several years to make his first car. The train and the railways, the helicopter, the causes and cures of diseases, the scientific inventions and discoveries, and learning an art or a craft always took several months or years. None of these things could be achieved overnight. An epic poem like ‘Paradise Lost’, and a monument like the Taj Mahal came into being after years of hard preparation and construction. Nothing worthwhile can be done or achieved in a minute unless we are magicians.

Shakespeare drives home this truth through a homely example. “He that will have a cake out of the wheat must need to carry the grinding, the bolting, the leavening, the kneading, the making of the cake, the heating of the oven and the baking; nay, he must stay the cooling too, or he may chance to burn his lips”.


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