My Favourite Teacher Paragraph in English for Students & Children

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My Favourite Teacher Paragraph in English


Short Paragraph on My Favourite Teacher for class 1 and 2

My Favourite Teacher Paragraph in 100 words

The name of my favourite teacher is Mrs Ruby Sharma. She is my science teacher as well as my class teacher. Her way of teaching is very good that difficult topics also become easy to understand. This is the reason why science has become my favourite subject. Apart from her good teaching skills she also has a friendly nature. At times, she is a good friend, a guide, a motivator and a counsellor. She has all the qualities that a teacher should have. She is and will always be my favourite teacher even after I finish school.


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Paragraph on My Favourite Teacher or The Teacher I Like the Most for class 3 and 4

My Favourite Teacher Paragraph in 120 words

There are about fifty teachers in my school. But, I like Ragini Sharma the most. She is our English teacher. Ever since she joined our school, she brought about a revolution in teaching methods. She is more than a teacher to students. She keeps in touch with the latest methods of teaching. She takes real pain. She correctly the exercise books of all students. She explains everything so nicely. She tells students to ask unhesitantly what they do not follow. She is a great orator.

More than a teacher, she is our friend, philosopher and guide. She is ever-ready to help a student even outside the class. She listens to every student very sympathetically. She is an ideal teacher in every aspect.


My Favourite Teacher Paragraph in 140 words

In my school, there are about thirty-five teachers. Some of them teach in the primary classes, some in the secondary, and some in the higher secondary classes. In my class, six teachers teach us. It is very difficult to point out who is the best. Every teacher has her own style of teaching and quality. All of them are highly educated and are quite experienced.

But among them, if I am asked to choose my favourite teacher, I shall vote for Mrs Shalini Sharma. She is our class teacher and she teaches us science. She is very good in Maths. She loves me by heart. I think she is an ideal teacher. She is a role model before. Under her guidance, I will gain success. She is a great teacher in the truest sense of the world.


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Write a Paragraph on My Favourite Teacher for class 4 and 5

My Favourite Teacher Paragraph in 150 words

There are forty teachers in our school. All are good teachers. I love all of them. I respect all of them. But my favourite teacher is Satish Sir.

Satish Sir is our ideal teacher. He teaches us Math. But he is at with all subjects. His knowledge of the subject he teaches is very deep and wide. We children love to attend his period.

Satish Sir is thoroughly gentlemen. He is a man of great character. He loves us as his own sons. He never punishes. He teaches through the play-way method.

He is very religious. He is as good as gold. He is on the wrong side of fifty. He is weak in body but strong in mind. He is very regular and punctual. He is as regular as a clock.

He is a great teacher. He is a sea of knowledge. He gives countless distinctions. May he live long.


My Best Teacher Paragraph for students

My Favourite Teacher Paragraph Writing in 170 words

Of all the teachers who teach me, I like Mr Sharma the most. He is my Mathematics teacher. He has a pleasant appearance.

He is of medium height and build. His dress is neat and simple. He has a kind word and a ready smile for everyone.

Mr Sharma is honest and just. He treats all of us alike. He has no favourites, He is kind but firm. He does not like us to tell lies. He wants us to work hard and be successful in life.

He has his subject at the tips of his fingers. He makes his subject very interesting. We all listen to him very attentively. He sees to it that all of us understand his teaching. He pays much attention to those who are slow in understanding mathematics. He is truly devoted to his pupils and his subject.

We all like him because he is a lovable person and also because he is a good teacher. Such teachers are not to be found very easily.


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Essay | Paragraph on My Favourite Teacher for students

My Favourite Teacher Paragraph in 300 words

My Favourite Teacher Having been in school for a number of years now, I have come across many teachers. But the teacher I like the most is Satish Sir. He is a very pleasant young man. He is a friend, philosopher, and guide to the students.

There are several reasons why Satish Sir is my favourite. He teaches us mathematics and is a master of the subject. His knowledge is not superficial. It is deep and real. He spends all his free time in pursuit of knowledge. He buys a lot of books. His method of teaching is simple and lucid. So even the dullest student can understand what he teaches. If some students are slow to learn, he takes great trouble to explain the lesson again and again so that they understand the lesson well. His quick wit relieves the monotony of the lesson.

He is a strict disciplinarian. He expects the students to listen to him attentively. Anyone who misbehaves or does not do the homework is punished.

He is kind and generous too. He helps poor students to buy books, uniforms, etc. He even takes special classes for those students who cannot attend the tuitions paying heavy fees. He has also helped many poor students by paying their school fees.

He himself is quite disciplined. He makes it a point to be present in the school well before the commencement of school. He is regular to classes. I do not remember him missing any class during my stay in the school.

He not only believes in but also practices the principle of simple living and high thinking. He wears simple clothes and has clean habits. He is very humble and polite. No doubt he is popular with his colleagues and students alike.


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