Essay on Live and Let Live For Students & Children in English

We are Sharing Essay on Live and Let Live in English for students and children. In this article, we have tried our best to provide a Short Essay on Live and Let Live for Classes 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 in 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 500 words.

Essay on Live and Let Live For Students & Children in English

Short Essay | Paragraph on Live and Let Live

God created all human beings in his own image and thus everybody has the right to live. God created all human beings equal. All the differences of caste, creed, colour, and religion are man-made. Abraham Lincoln once said that we should extend goodwill and love towards all and malice towards none. He fought very bravely against slavery and removed this black spot from the face of mankind. The world has already seen Two World Wars in which lakhs of children became orphans, thousands of women and men were made homeless. Mankind should learn a lesson from these two bloodsheds. The lesson of non-violence preached by Mahatma Gandhi, Guru Nanak, and Mahatma Buddha should be our guiding principles of life. Not only men but all animals and birds should have the right to live happily. arrangements have been made for the protection of the animal’s life. This appears to be a remarkable step towards the ideal of living and let live. The aim of all individuals and nations should be to make this world a paradise, an ideal place to live in.


Essay on Live and Let Live

This is a small world in which we have to live. In any case, the land area of the earth is limited and it cannot be increased. We have to bear with this geographical fact and live peacefully while letting others also do so.

This, in reality, means that we should make use of the resources of the world in such a way that others are not deprived of their usage. This means we have to make a mental setup where equality, justice, and fair distribution should be the cornerstones of our policy and ideology.

Unfortunately, certain neighbors, particularly in international affairs, find it hard to digest the progress made by others. Such countries will do better if they work hard and emulate those who are making progress. Being jealous and obstructionist is no solution. This is true not only for countries but also for individuals.

India is a peace-loving country and wants well for all the countries of the world. It was in the spirit of “Live and Let Live” that India signed the peace treaty with China but by the actions of neighbors we receive negative signals.

India has always extended her hand of friendship to Pakistan, but the latter has often read it as a sign of weakness.

Let us hope that all the countries of the world will realize that it is in the interest of all to be generous, friendly, cooperative, and equitable. Confrontation and intransigence are always harmful.


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