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Road Accident Paragraph Writing

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A Short Paragraph on Road Accident in 100 words

It was 1:30 PM. I was standing at the school gate. I saw a rickshaw coming from one direction and a car coming from the opposite direction. The rickshaw was moving in the middle of the road. The car driver blew the horn and turned the car to the left. Just then, a cyclist appeared and struck against the car and got badly injured The car driver turned the car to the right and struck the rickshaw. it was broken into pieces. The rickshaw puller was wounded. The police were informed and it brought an ambulance with it. All the injured persons were sent to hospital and the car driver was arrested.


A Road Accident Paragraph For students in 120 words

Yesterday, I saw a terrible road accident. Some children were playing cricket on the footpath when their ball rolled onto the road. A child came to pick the ball. A speeding car and a bus coming from opposite directions. In trying to save the child, they rammed into each other. All the three people in the car died on the spot. The driver of the bus ran away. A few passengers were injured. The police readied the spot immediately. The ambulance took away the dead. Those with minor injures were given first aid. Those seriously injured were taken to the hospital. The traffic came to a standstill for a while. It took some time to get everything back to normal.


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A Road Accident Paragraph for students in 140 words

Accidents are quite common in big cities like Delhi. Rash and careless driving are the cause of many accidents.

Last Sunday, I saw an accident on Gurugram road. A bus was plying at a fast speed. There was thin traffic on the road. A large number of fast-moving vans were visible on the road. An Alto car was coming at full speed from the opposite side. A small boy was crossing the road. The bus driver ran into Alto car while he was trying to save the boy.

Both drivers were badly injured. A few passengers on the bus also got light injuries. The police were informed. The injured were removed to the hospital. The driver of the Alto car died on the spot. It was a heavy loss to his family. We should be careful while crossing the busy road.


Paragraph on Road Accident for students in 200 to 250 words

On Saturday afternoon I was going to my friend’s place. Another friend was with me and we were talking about tennis, our favorite game, When we reached the sector 10 – sector 11 crossing we found it difficult to cross the street. The buses, the cars, the lorries, and the two-wheelers had created a snarl. They were moving very slowly like snails, So we stood there on the pavement and waited for our chance to cross.

But as we stood there we saw many crossing the streets. An old woman also saw this and tried to go to the other side. And then it happened. Before we could warn her a mini-bus came from nowhere and knocked her down. We closed our eyes in horror. The people all around us cried both in horror and in anger. Some blamed the minibus driver, some blamed the old woman. We opened our eyes and saw the old woman lying in a pool of blood. She was not run over, not crushed under the wheels, but she knocked her head against the bonnet and had her skull cracked.

Her body was immediately taken to hospital in a rickshaw. But it was already a dead body. We were too horrified to go anywhere after this, so we went back home. For quite a few days the memory of the accident haunted me.


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