Paragraph on Health is Wealth in English for Students & Children

We are Sharing a Paragraph on Health is Wealth in English. Write a paragraph on health is wealth for students and Children for Classes 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 in 100, 150, 200,300 words.

Paragraph on Health is Wealth in English for Students & Children

Short Health is Wealth Paragraph 100 words

“If wealth is lost nothing is lost but if health is lost everything is lost”, is an old popular. saying. And it is really so. A healthy man is happy, energetic, full of zeal and spirits. He makes his plans to do something and achieve something in life. He can work hard. People with no material resources have achieved something remarkable and memorable in life by dint of sheer hard work. They have created huge wealth. A sick man on the other hand becomes handicapped. His physical, mental, and psychological attitudes towards life suffer. He becomes peevish and pessimistic. Sickness is a liability. Health is an asset- a wealth.


Health is Wealth Paragraph in 150 words

Wealth in the literal sense is a great amount of property or money a man possesses. But in the big picture, good health is also a man’s wealth.

Probably the most precious wealth of the man is his sound health. This is perhaps god’s greatest gift to him. Without good health, there is no peace, no pleasure. Life has no charm for an unhealthy person. He can never enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds of nature. But a healthy man can enjoy his life to the full. A man with a strong body has a sound mind.

So, it is our duty to keep our body and brain in proper condition. For good health, good food, and good habits, regular exercise and early rising are necessary. All these rules alone can give us a strong and stout body.


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