Essay on A Road Accident For Students & Children

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Essay on A Road Accident For Students & Children

Essay on The Road Accident 250 words

Nowadays, road accidents are so common that sometimes it is said that more people die on the roads than because of diseases.

Last Sunday, I saw a horrible road accident. I was going along the G.T. Road near the Railway Road crossing.

Suddenly, I saw a car running at a great speed coming on the Railway Road. An equally fast truck was coming from the opposite direction.

Unfortunately, the brakes of the car failed and as for the truck, it was later known that the driver was heavily drunk.

It was clear that the result could be anything but comfortable. In this headlong collision, the car was crushed to a pulp and all four occupants died on the spot.

As far as the truck was concerned, its lamps were shattered and there was very little other loss to it. The driver sustained only minor injuries.

The driver of the truck tried to flee from the scene of the accident. But he had run only a few meters when he was caught by the on-lookers who were shocked to see this gory sight.

The people handed the truck driver over to the police. There he admitted that he had got drunk: excessively. He begged to be forgiven. But the police refused to oblige him. Now, an FIR has been registered against him and he will have to pay for his folly. But the poor lives lost can never be recovered.


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