My Childhood Memories Paragraph for Students & Children

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My Childhood Memories Paragraph for Students & Children


My Childhood Memories Paragraph 150 words

I can never forget My sweet childhood, which would never return, I was then an apple of the eye, of everyone. My parents and elder brother doled on me with warmth and affection. When I insisted upon getting. any object of my liking, they would readily oblige. I had no worries or Cares. I was .completely free from the anxieties of grown-up persons. At various festivals like Diwali, Dussehra, special items like sweets, toys, and new clothes were given to me. Nobody would be angry at me. When I fared well in my school studies, everybody would pat me with pride and give me some prize. I enjoyed the company of my friends and played various thrilling’ games with them. Reading comics and dancing to the tunes of music gave me a lot of pleasure. I really miss those gone days, will always cherish childhood memories.


Paragraph on Childhood Memories in 170 to 200 words

I am a boy of thirteen, and can clearly remember some sweet memories of my childhood days. And it is a great pleasure for me to go back to those happy bygone days.

In my early childhood, I used to spend my time playing with playmates. In those days, our locality was not as overpopulated as it is now. I can remember much of my dear grandmother. She had great affection for me. I used to eat and sleep with her. She would tell fairy tales and stories from Ramayan and The Mahabharat. I used to listen to them with rapt attention. My mother looked after my studies. In the evening, my father often used to come home with toys that I liked so much. I was also very fond of balloons and chocolate.

Another event that I can still remember is the death of my beloved grandmother. This was a great shock to me and to my family as well. The memory of my grandmother is still very fresh in my mind.


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