Wonderful in a Sentence

Sharing the word Wonderful in a Sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Wonderful in Example Sentences.

Wonderful in a Sentence

1. The weather was wonderful for a picnic.

2. She did a wonderful job at the firm.

3. He was very fortunate to have such a loving family.

4. She greeted her friends with a wonderful smile.

5. Reading is a wonderful pastime for many people.

6. The food tasted wonderful.

7. We had a wonderful time.

8. They were vacationing at a wonderful resort.

9. It was a wonderful opportunity for him to pursue.

10. It was a wonderful sight to behold.

11. Have you seen this wonderful movie?

12. They have invented wonderful machines to make their life easier.

13. To their surprise, wonderful events unfolded that day.

14. He was a wonderful role model for us.

15. Mountains covered in snow are a wonderful sight to see.

16. He is going to make a wonderful scholar.

17. That was a wonderful building.

18. Our forefathers have made wonderful progress.

19. She made a wonderful speech at their wedding reception.

20. Being happy is a wonderful feeling.

21. He is blessed with a wonderful voice.

22. The magician did wonderful tricks.

23. I had a wonderful time at that party.

24. Where did you find this wonderful bag?

25. Her mother prepared a wonderful meal for us.


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