Enjoyed in a Sentence

Sharing the word Enjoyed in a Sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Enjoyed in Example Sentences.

Enjoyed in a Sentence

1. We enjoyed having you as a guest.

2. She enjoyed herself at the party yesterday.

3. I enjoyed my stay with my friends.

4. We enjoyed ourselves during the summer vacation.

5. We enjoyed the cool breeze which came from the river.

6. She enjoyed swimming in the lake.

7. Last night we enjoyed talking about our high school days.

8. We have enjoyed and appreciated the performance of all the students.

9. He enjoyed a life of leisure.

10. She relaxed and enjoyed the continuance of light banter.

11. During the past year, he enjoyed excellent health.

12. While living near the beach, she often enjoyed swimming.

13. As the weather was great, we enjoyed our walk.

14. Have you ever enjoyed winter cool in hot June?

15. We enjoyed our exhilarating trek to the summit.

16. The whole town enjoyed municipal rights.

17. Everyone at the table enjoyed his joke.

18. She had a very sound sleep last night.

19. We all enjoyed it most heartily from start to finish.

20. The spectators at the show enjoyed the scene.

21. He enjoyed driving on the new highway.

22. All the places we visited were really beautiful and we enjoyed ourselves very much.

23. I have always enjoyed flying.

24. She enjoyed her stay with all her friends.

25. The country has enjoyed considerable prosperity.


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