Happiness in a Sentence

Sharing the word Happiness in a Sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Happiness in Example Sentences.

Happiness in a Sentence

1. The key to happiness is learning to let go.

2. Happiness can be created within you, by you.

3. Happiness is an inside job.

4. Happiness is a choice and it’s free.

5. Everyone deserves happiness.

6. She was filled with happiness upon learning the news.

7. Can money buy happiness?

8. I hope you get all the happiness you deserve.

9. Everyone wants happiness and peace.

10. Happiness cannot be bought by money.

11. Different things bring happiness to different people.

12. Happiness is a key to good health.

13. A multitude of small delights cause huge happiness.

14. Everyone craves happiness.

15. Being content is a state of happiness.

16. The days of happiness are the most memorable.

17. My parent’s happiness is of utmost importance to me.

18. I wish you a lifetime of happiness.

19. The greatest happiness lies in freedom.

20. There is no shortcut to happiness.


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