Paragraph on My Aim in Life in English for Students & Children

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Paragraph on My Aim in Life in English


Write a paragraph on my aim in life for class 1,2

A Paragraph on my aim in life in 100 words

Everybody has an aim in life. The aim of my life is that I want to become a doctor and open a hospital for people who cannot afford expensive treatment. I will try to provide such people with affordable treatment. Both my parents are doctors. It is my parents who told me that many people have to also lose their life because of the reason that they cannot afford expensive treatment and at such a time the doctors even become helpless. Since then it has become my goal that I want to become a doctor like my parents and with their help, I will open a hospital for the poor people.


Short Paragraph on My aim in life Doctor for Class 3, 4, 5

My aim in life Paragraph in 130 words

My aim in life is to become a doctor. I love doctors. It is a very dedicated professional. The patient is cured by the doctors by giving medicine. He is doing a great service to mankind. He is our friend in distress. He is also the saviour.

To fulfill my ambition I study hard and always stand first. I am good at science. Science has changed the life of mankind. These days almost every disease is curable. I wish to serve thousands of children in the rural areas who die for want of doctors. If I become a doctor I will give free medicine to the poor. Thus I will do a little service to mankind. May God fulfill my aim. A doctor is a true friend of society.


10 Lines on My Aim in life


Army Officer My Aim in Life Paragraph for class 6

My Aim in Life Paragraph 150 words

Human beings can reach great heights in their life. We all have an aim for ourselves and we make great efforts to achieve it. We are highly inspired by our elders and we want to be like them.

Though I am very young to decide anything in class V, I would like to see myself as an Army Officer. I have a strong desire to do something for my country. I feel very disturbed when I hear about militant activities in our country.

I get excited looking at the soldiers in uniform. My grandfather retired from a very high post in Defence.

Everybody respected him a lot. After hearing about his incidents of bravery, I also feel inspired to join the Army.

My parents always encourage me in my goal. I also want to study hard and exercise regularly to become capable of fulfilling my goal.

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My Aim in Life Paragraph for Students

A Paragraph on My Aim in Life in 150 words

Everybody should have an aim in life. Without it, life is not of much use. An aimless person cannot have success. We should decide our aim in life in our early stages. Everyone has different aims in their life. Some want to become famous. Some others want to be wealthy. One of my friends wants to be a teacher. Some people aim at having political power.

I want to be an eye specialist. There are a good number of doctors in India. But there are only a few specialists. They are in great demand. It is in my blood. My father is a doctor. I work hard with this aim. I always have excellent grades in school. After schooling, I shall go to some good medical college. Then I will serve my beloved country. There I shall have specialization. I will work hard to fulfill my aim in life.


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My  Aim in Life Paragraph for Students

Paragraph on my aim in life Reporter 200 words

My aim in life is to be a news reporter, I want to travel to faraway countries where I could meet lots of interesting people and know about their lives and thoughts.

I would like to take pictures and expose the wrong done to them. I know being a reporter can be dangerous, so many reporters have lost their lives, yet, it does not make me feel scared, or tempt me to change my mind.

I like to write articles and think I’m good with words. That would be the ideal job for me. But I’d have to study really hard and go to a good college when I grow up.

I feel so excited when I see a car on the road with “Press” written on the windscreen. I want my car to have the same words on its screen.

It is said the press exaggerates at times and blows things out of proportion. I won’t do that. I’ll be careful to reproduce only ‘facts’.

I might even become a travel journalist and join `Travel Channel’ and go into remote places, living with tribals and strangers. It is such a big, wide world really. I feel there is so much for me to learn and discover.


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