Paragraph on My hobby in English for Students & Children

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Paragraph on My Hobby in English for Kids, Students, and Children


A Short Paragraph on My Hobby for Class 1 and 2

My Hobby Paragraph in 100 words

A hobby is an interesting thing. It gives great pleasure. It is done in my spare time. It is not done for money. There are many hobbies. Gardening is my hobby. There is a small garden behind our house. It is full of many kinds of plants. There are also many flowering plants. Many birds come there. They sing so sweetly. I use my free time gardening. It gives me great pleasure. My parents like my hobby. They help me with it.


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Reading My Hobby Paragraph in 110 words

A hobby is anything you love to do without any pressure. It refreshes us and removes tension from our mechanical and boring life. Stamp collecting, gardening, writing, speaking, and traveling are some delightful hobbies.

Reading is my favourite hobby. It gives me pleasure during leisure. I read both classical and romantic literature. Both the light literature and tough novels refresh my mind. I read newspapers and magazines while they are fresh. My hobby is not only recreative but also instructive. It cheers my heart and adds to my knowledge. Books impact me with the right guidance. It checks me from idling and enables me to utilise my time fruitfully.


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Gardening My Hobby Paragraph for students for class 3 and 4

Paragraph about My Hobby in 120 words

Gardening is my favourite hobby. We have a small patch of land, where We grow various varieties of flowers. I love red roses and white lilies and water them daily in the morning and evening. It is a pleasure to tend flowers. When the small plants buck, my joy knows no bounds. When I .sit on the silken grass grown by my patience and hard work, I feel a sort of mental satisfaction. I have also grown tomatoes and pumpkins in my kitchen garden. I am proud of my small green kingdom. In my garden, there are two trees of guava and another mulberry? When sparrows chirp in my garden early in the morning and the cuckoo sings a melodious song in the spring season, I am lost in ecstasy.


Poetry My Hobby Paragraph for students for class 5 and 6

Paragraph about My Hobby in 150 words

Hobbies are recreational activities. When we need a break from our daily routine, then we turn to our hobbies.

My hobby is poetry. It is the most imaginative and creative hobby. One takes a trip to a different world while thinking between the lines of a poem. A well-rhymed poem is music to ears. One can express one’s deep desires and emotions easily through poetry.

Our literature is also enriched by great poets like Surdas, Tulsidas, Mira Bai, Tagore, etc. I read their poems constantly to polish my skills.

Poetry has given an outlet to my feelings. Now I find music in all aspects of nature. My poems are regularly published in our Annual magazine. This encourages me to write better and more.

I was awarded personally by the school principal. I was also sent to participate in competitions in other schools.

I will always be thankful to my mother for inspiring me in my hobby.


Essay | Paragraph about My Hobby Reading for students

My Hobby Paragraph in 200 words

A hobby is something that we like to do in our leisure time. A hobby is an activity that makes a person feel happier and complete. It makes one’s mind relaxed and stress-free. I have many hobbies like reading, dancing, listening to music, and gardening. Out of all, my favourite hobby is reading. Whenever I get some time out of my busy schedule, I read books. I have a collection of many books. I read both fictional as well as non-fictional books, but I have more interest in reading non-fiction.

Reading books helps in increasing my general knowledge. It is a brain exercise that makes my brain sharp and improves my concentration level. Reading in fact keeps my brain occupied, as a result of which my stress level goes down. Sometimes at night when I am unable to sleep, reading can make me feel drowsy. In short, reading is my favourite leisure time activity and apart from passing my leisure time, I gain many other benefits from it.


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