My Garden Paragraph in English for Students & Children

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My Garden Paragraph in English


A Short Paragraph on My Garden for Class 1 and 2

My Garden Paragraph in 100 words

My garden is very beautiful. There are many plants and flowers in my garden. I like spending time and playing in the garden. My mother takes care of the garden. She waters the plants every evening. Every month she brings a new plant from the plant nursery for the garden. The garden also has a beautiful fountain in the middle. We have even made a place to sit on one side. In the morning and evening, my family sits in the garden to have tea and spend some time with each other. It is the most beautiful and peaceful place in our house.

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Essay | Paragraph My Garden for students

My Garden Paragraph in 150 words

Everyone loves to have a garden where flowers can be grown. My little garden is a wonderful place. On dry sunny days, I take my toy gun and shoot birds that fly around. On the lawn, I play football and cricket too. But I have to be careful not to knock the ball onto the flower beds. The beds of flowers are a blaze of many colours— daisies, hollyhocks, marigolds, and roses. The air is scented with its smell. As I walk in the garden I watch butterflies and bees sipping honey from the flowers. During the winter the garden looks more beautiful with all sorts of season flowers Iike chrysanthemum and dahlias.

All the year-round the garden is a lovely place. Whenever I find time I move about or simply laze in my garden. The beauty of nature all around me makes me feel very happy. There is nothing in this world I love more than this garden of mine.

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Essay | Paragraph on My Garden for students

My Garden Paragraph in 200 words

The garden of a house is a beautiful and open place for everyone to relax and enjoy.

My house has a beautiful garden. In my garden, there are many beautiful flowers like orchids, roses, lilies, jasmine, and many more. On the corner of the main garden, we have a kitchen garden as well. In this kitchen garden, we grow some herbs, leafy greens, vegetables, and fruits.

The garden is maintained by my grandmother, as she has very good gardening skills. Gardening is in fact her hobby. Sometimes, I also join her in gardening. She has given me many gardening tips as well.

Every morning the whole family drinks tea in the garden. The cool breeze and beautiful flowers around helps in boosting everyone’s mood and releasing stress. This helps in keeping our minds fresh for the entire day. In the evening I play in the garden with my grandparents and pet dog. Apart from playing with me, my grandmother also waters the plants. She keeps the garden well maintained all the time. This is the reason why the garden always looks very beautiful.


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