10 Lines on My Aim in Life For Students & Children in English

In this article, we are providing Informative 10 lines on My Aim in Life in English. In these lines, we have tried our best to give detailed information about My Aim in Life. Few Lines on My Aim in Life, Checkout -Short Essay on My Aim in life for classes 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12

10 Lines on My Aim in Life

10 Lines on My Aim in Life For Students & Children in English


( Set-1 ) Ten | 10 Lines on My Aim in Life In English For Students

1. Every person has an aim in their life and my aim is to become a mathematics teacher.

2. I want to be a maths teacher as I am good at Mathematics.

3. Teaching is a noble profession as it helps others to become successful in their’s lives.

4. I want to become a teacher so that I can help poor people by providing them with free education.

5. As a teacher, I can contribute to the nation in a better way.

6. I got my inspiration to become a teacher from the role that teachers played in my life.

7. As a teacher, it will be my responsibility to guide students and enhance their skills.

8. As a teacher, my goal is to make students capable of getting through this challenging world.

9. To become a teacher, I will learn all the qualities that a great teacher should possess.

10. I will try to inspire students so that they can make this nation proud.


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( Set-2 ) My Aim in Life Doctor 10 Lines

1. Life without a goal is meaningless.

2. One must have some aim in life.

3. Once the aim is decided, it becomes easier to achieve it.

4. Different people have different aims.

5. My aim in life is to become a doctor.

6. I want to be a doctor because he saves the life of injured people and give them new life.

7. It is a noble and satisfying profession.

8. A doctor cures sick people.

9. I want to help poor people by becoming a doctor.

10. By doing this I can serve my country as well.


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( Set-3 ) Some | Few Lines on My Aim in Life in English for Kids

1. Every person has an aim in life because life has no meaning without it.

2. I have the aim of my life to become a teacher, and it was my childhood dream.

3. I want to serve the education of the youth of the country to make them good human beings.

4. Teaching is one of the noblest professions which bring the light of knowledge in the lives of people.

5. I like to be a teacher that not only loves it but also for its greatness.

6. It is the lowest-paid profession but still, I like to be a teacher because money is not the first aim of my life.

7. By becoming a teacher, I want to deal with the problems of the country like superstitions and illiteracy.

8. I want to teach my students like their friends and be a real guide.

9. I also want to groom the personality and develop the practical knowledge of my students.

10. I am trying my best to fulfill the aim of my life.


( Set-4 ) My Aim in Life Teacher 10 Lines

1 From childhood, I decided my aim in life to become a compassionate medical doctor.

2 I always listened to my heart and followed my passion to become a pedeatric doctor.

3 Helping people and making them smile is my motto in life.

4 I maintained a strict routine of studies and education to achieve my aim in life.

5 I dreamt of working in undeserved communities where I can provide better healthcare to the needy.

6 By becoming a doctor, I always hope to contribute to the advancement of healthcare services.

7 To strive for excellence and learning is the cornerstone of the doctor’s journey.

8 My aim in life is not only to treat patients physically but emotionally too.

9 To become a doctor and complete my aim in life requires full dedication and preservernace.

10 I always thought of having a meaningful aim to work for well well-being of patients.


FAQ on Aim in Life

Q. Why is aim important in our life?
Ans. Having a clear aim in life is important in our life because it gives us direction, purpose, and motivation to work towards our aim and achieve success.

Q. How can I fulfill my aim in life?
Ans. 1. By Set Clear Goals
2. By Plan and Prioritize
3. Stay Persistent
4. Learn and Improve
5. Overcome Challenges

Q. Why aim for success?
Ans. Aiming for success provides us motivation, satisfaction, and a sense of accomplishment, leading to personal growth and a fulfilling life.

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