Jovial in a Sentence

Sharing Jovial in a Sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Jovial in Example Sentences.

Jovial in a Sentence

1. He was a jovial guy.

2. She sighed and gave him a jovial smile.

3. She was working hard to seem jovial.

4. Judging by his jovial smile, he seemed like he enjoyed his meal.

5. He was in a jovial mood.

6. He seems like a jovial chap.

7. Today he was jovial and expansive.

8. She was in a jovial mood and was seen laughing in the stands.

9. If it only remained as a jovial banter.

10. She was in a jovial and optimistic mood.

11. It was a good night as everyone was in a jovial mood.

12. The jovial background music lifted everyone’s spirits.

13. The press conference was a jovial affair.

14. The relationship between the two seemed jovial.

15. By the end of the night, the jovial banter had ceased.

16. The letter was worded in a light-hearted jovial manner.

17. He brought to the situation jovial charm and courage.

18. I am glad he is resuming his jovial attitude this afternoon.

19. On this happy occasion, he was found to be very jovial.

20. His manners towards me were very jovial.

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