Beneficial in a Sentence

Sharing Beneficial in a Sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Beneficial in Example Sentences.

Beneficial in a Sentence

1. Happiness is really beneficial for the mind and the body.

2. Exercising regularly has many beneficial health effects.

3. The doctor said that the bacteria was beneficial to the body.

4. They have a relationship that is beneficial for both of them.

5. Some alternative Treatments have been proven to be highly beneficial.

6. Fresh air is beneficial to one's health.

7. Gentle exercise can be beneficial for older people.

8. They finally came to a mutually beneficial agreement.

9. The changes imposed are beneficial in some ways.

10. The desert would prove to be beneficial to the entire community.

11. It can be beneficial in the treatment of some conditions.

12. Cycling is highly beneficial to health.

13. You will find it really beneficial in the long run.

14. Some bacteria are harmful to the body but some are beneficial.

15. I gave her some advice that would be beneficial for her.

16. 30 minutes of morning walk is highly beneficial for one's health.

17. These vitamins will be beneficial to your health.

18. The new policy changes were beneficial for the company.

19. The new treatment was beneficial to the patients concerned.

20. We need to find ways to be beneficial to society as a whole.

21. Gymnastics is considered beneficial to your health.

22. Having a Healthy lifestyle has always been proven beneficial in preventing as well as combating diseases.


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