Renewable in a Sentence

Sharing Renewable in a Sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Renewable in Example Sentences.

Use Renewable in a Sentence

1. We need to develop renewable sources of energy.

2. Wood is a renewable source that can last for generations.

3. Non-renewable sources of energy are exhaustible.

4. Most contracts last for a year but are guaranteed to be renewable.

5. The village got all of its energy from a renewable source.

6. It was a three-month lease but it was renewable.

7. The permit he obtained for work was not renewable.

8. The research will continue to find more sustainable sources of renewable energy.

9. He laid stress on the use of renewable sources of energy at the meeting.

10. Which country has the most renewable energy?

11. The government is spending more on research and development of renewable sources of energy.

12. We should aggressively develop renewable sources.

13. A formal contract which was for 6 months was renewable annually.

14. The soy plan is easily renewable.

15. The goal of their institution is to raise awareness about renewable energy.

16. The government was trying to reduce environmental degradation by promoting renewable energy technology in the state.

17. The community planned a global drive towards renewable sources of energy.

18. What are the advantages and disadvantages of renewable sources of energy?

19. Energy efficiency and renewable energy go hand in hand.

20. Renewable sources of energy are being replenished by nature.


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