Overcome in a Sentence

Sharing Overcome in a Sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Overcome in Example Sentences.

Use Overcome in a Sentence

1. She had fought and overcome her fear of flying.

2. You should find a way to overcome her difficulties.

3. I had fought hard to overcome my fear of the dark.

4. The night before the test I was overcome by fear and despair.

5. I was beginning to overcome these difficulties when an event happened and changed everything.

6. He had clearly overcome any early lack of confidence.

7. She had overcome everything to become a teacher.

8. Both of them have been overcome by smoke.

9. I knew there were obstacles on the way but I found a way to overcome them.

10. She stopped struggling to overcome her feelings.

11. There is also a concern that wearables need to overcome a social norm.

12. What challenges have you overcome till now?

13. But the differences were overcome after spending one day outside.

14. It was possible to overcome this after practice.

15. Most of the injured were overcome by gas.

16. Will he ever overcome his fear of public speaking?

17. You should overcome your feelings of guilt.

18. Positive thinking is absolutely essential when you want to overcome your fear.

19. I ought to overcome these feelings which have been welling inside me.

20. To overcome this problem another check was performed.


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