Brave in a Sentence

Sharing the word Brave in a Sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Brave in Example Sentences.

Brave in a Sentence

1. She was very brave and strong.

2. She handled the situation in a very brave manner.

3. The hike had to brave the storm.

4. The child was very brave before the surgery.

5. He won his brave fight against cancer.

6. The town honoured the brave man.

7. The brave crew tried to save the ship.

8. Everyone’s eyes watered at the brave words.

9. He looks like such a brave person.

10. That was a brave attempt to catch the robbers.

11. It is rightly said that fortune favours the brave.

12. They were brave and full of enthusiasm.

13. They were adventurous and brave as well.

14. You should be brave as a lion.

15. She bore her misfortunes with a brave spirit.

16. I really admire your good deed.

17. She had to brave several storms in her life.

18. A brave man will face dangers with utmost courage.

19. You should always be courageous and brave to face the most difficult times in your life.

20. Today is a world of brave and independent women.


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