Helpless in a Sentence

Sharing Helpless in a Sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Helpless in Example Sentences.

Use Helpless in a Sentence

1. She was feeling helpless at the moment.

2. The government felt helpless against the crooks.

3. Parents often feel helpless when it comes to their kids.

4. She felt helpless with her anger.

5. They knew that they were helpless against the very strong army.

6. He was helpless due to a lot of pain and fever.

7. It is natural to feel helpless during such abuse.

8. They are not merely helpless victims.

9. He is worried about you and feels helpless to protect you.

10. We asked them for help when we felt completely helpless.

11. The south was powerless and helpless.

12. The stroke left him a helpless wreck.

13. We both collapsed into helpless giggles.

14. You don’t have to feel helpless all the time.

15. The current framework made them feel weak and helpless.

16. She was rendered helpless by the panic.

17. They were helpless without their weapons.

18. He lay helpless on the floor.

19. She was helpless against his immense strength.

20. A thief terrorized the town of helpless villagers.


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