Desire in a Sentence

Sharing Desire in a Sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Desire in Example Sentences.

Use Desire in a Sentence

1. She had a natural desire to help others.

2. Everyone had a desire for happiness and wealth.

3. She had an insatiable desire to gain power.

4. I have no desire to discuss this matter further.

5. The teacher had this insatiable desire for knowledge.

6. The man had no desire for wealth.

7. After living abroad for a long time she had a desire to come back home.

8. She has a sincere desire to help people.

9. You should always communicate your desire.

10. The desire for revenge can be overpowering.

11. She had no desire to learn new things.

12. They share a common desire to end world hunger.

13. Reading books fuelled her desire for learning.

14. She had the desire to sing in public.

15. She had expressed a desire to see you.

16. We soon believe what we desire.

17. I have no desire in interfering in their family matters.

18. He had an intense desire to have a baby.

19. Having a strong desire is the starting point for any achievement.

20. Her desire to express herself grew.


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