Distant in a Sentence

Sharing Distant in a Sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Distant in Example Sentences.

Use Distant in a Sentence

1. There was a distant resemblance between the two cousins.

2. His father has been distant for years now.

3. I can still hear the distant alarm of the fire truck.

4. Living in peace was a distant hope for them.

5. Even his relatives found him cold and distant.

6. Everyone heard the distant gunfire.

7. He is my distant relative.

8. The mountains were distant and mysterious.

9. Astronomers had discovered a distant galaxy.

10. Studying abroad is now a distant dream.

11. He always has been aloof and distant.

12. The sound of the engine was growing to be more distant.

13. Even his children found him to be indifferent and distant.

14. She could hear the constant hum of traffic from her terrace.

15. We saw a distant ocean and forest.

16. He continued to drive to reach the distant house in the woods.

17. The sea stretched to a distant horizon.

18. The train station was 10km distant.

19. The time we spent together is now a distant memory.

20. The foreigners came from a distant country.


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