Disparity in a Sentence

Sharing Disparity in a sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Disparity in Example Sentences.

Use Disparity in a Sentence

1. There is a great disparity in the amount of work I do and what I get paid for it.

2. Income disparity is one of the major problems in our country.

3. The great disparity between the teams did not make for an entertaining game.

4. We are still seeing between the rates of pay for men and women.

5. Economic disparity overrides political equality in the information sphere.

6. I was shocked to find that blatant disparity in benefits still existed.

7. Despite the disparity in execution, the result is surprisingly similar.

8. The economic disparity between black and white citizens is a serious problem.

9. There is an immense income disparity between larger cities and rural areas.

10. We should work towards removing financial disparity.

11. Due to the disparity in the rate, we have been suffering huge losses.

12. They were protesting against the salary disparity among the employees.

13. There was a huge disparity between the two countries.

14. The disparity between the crime rate in urban cities and rural areas is high.

15. The disparity in health care treatment among economic classes is very disheartening.

16. There is a huge disparity in rail and Road fares.

17. Due to the disparity, the areas had to increase their rates more rapidly.

18. There is a great disparity between the health standards and the resources available.

19. There was a great disparity in all stages of growth.

20. Disparities between the pages and the conditions were troublesome for the laborers.

21. We saw a great disparity in the numbers.


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