Ancient in a Sentence

Sharing the word Ancient in a Sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Ancient in Example Sentences.

Ancient in a Sentence

1. The package looked very ancient.

2. The ancient world was a cruel place.

3. Yoga is considered to be the most ancient healthcare system in India.

4. I recently read a book pertaining to the ancient history of the world.

5. Ancient time Travellers used the sun to determine direction.

6. This stone axe is a relic of ancient times.

7. People have lived in this Valley since ancient times.

8. There were many cracks in the ancient world.

9. That photo makes me look so ancient.

10. She was doing a doctorate in ancient history.

11. During ancient times, messages were related from one place to another.

12. The Ancient Temple which was ruined in the war will be reconstructed soon.

13. The Russians retreated and abandon their ancient capital.

14. Yesterday we visited the Forum of Ancient Romans.

15. Ancient Rome was a vast Empire that stretched from Britain to North Africa and the Middle East.

16. She was an expert on ancient Chinese literature.

17. This great book serves as a bridge between ancient wisdom and modern science.

18. Ancient Indians relied more on Herbs and leave to cure themselves.

19. Men and women both wore skirts in ancient times.

20. Archaeologists have discovered an ancient civilization.


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