Essay on Value of Travelling For Students & Children in English

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Essay on Value of Travelling For Students & Children in English

Short Essay on Value of Travelling in English

Man is a restless creature. He has been fond of traveling since the earliest times. All of us have heard the names of Magasthne, Marco Polo, Fahian, Hieun Tsang, Ibn Batuta and others.

The most famous among the travelers in certain ways were the explorer-like Columbus, Vasco-da-Gama, and Captain Cook.

People travel for curiosity, adventure, business, and religious or spiritual purposes. The practice of going on pilgrimages has been there since the hoary past. Chaucer’s famous “The Canterbury Tales is actually a book regarding pilgrims going to a shrine. Even at present in India alone, thousands of people visit every year the Vaishno Devi temple and other such holy shrines, including Amar Nath. Millions of people from all over India attend the Kumbh Fair which is held every twelve years.

The industry of tourism is an important one. The tourists are travelers who visit different countries and places to gain more knowledge of people and places, to study strange habits and practices of people, and to participate in adventure games or just for fun and enjoyment.

One can read a lot about people and places, no doubt. But that is only bookish knowledge. One can get real knowledge by having direct contact with people. One can also enjoy the real beauty of a place of scenic importance by having a look at it from close quarters and experiencing what it means.

Many people also travel to explore possibilities of employment or improving their business prospects. They study the markets having potentiality for being exploited and also contact the well-meaning people concerning their commercial enter-prises.

Thus, the benefits of travel are many and varied.


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