Essay on The Value of Time For Students & Children in English

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Essay on The Value & Importance of Time For Students & Children

Essay on The Value of Time in English

It is often said that punctuality is the courtesy of kings. We should, however, remember that time is a highly precious thing.

We have only a limited time period in life in which we are to act and grow and find fulfillment. If we waste this golden opportunity, we are no better than fools of the first water.

A student who does not care for time actually attracts the conclusion that time need not care for him, and the time actually doesn’t care for such a sluggard and shirker. Time marches on leaving behind all the lazy, sluggish lot who turns into worthless straws in the race of life.

Such a student does not get up early in the morning, cannot go to school or college in time, and pay full attention to his studies. Hence he fails not only in his examination but also in life.

A farmer who does not sow seeds and water the plants at the proper time should hope to get no crops at the end of the season.

An army that does not reach the battlefield at the right time, loses the battle.

A businessman who does not catch an opportunity for the progress or maintenance of his business may lose even his capital in the long run.

There is no doubt that several litterateurs, philosophers, thinkers, and ideologists have spoken strongly against modern man’s excessive obsession with time. They may be right in their own way. It is true that the stress and strain and sick hurry of modern life are by and largely responsible for so many ailments and diseases such as hypertension, heart attack, paralysis, etc.

Be it as it may, the fact remains that when we have been cast in this world, we have to work and act according to circumstances. The situation is such that we cannot help acting quickly and wisely. Every moment lost may be worth more than a dollar.

Everything is marching towards death and decay. Our life is short. We must act quickly and gain all the knowledge and enjoy ourselves as much as we can in this short period.

For enjoyment, we need money and money cannot be had except through work. Hence we must work and work meticulously.

We must do everything in a well-planned manner, dividing every unit of time to take full advantage of it.

As for tension, stress, and strain, we should channelize other methods such as meditation, yoga, exercise, the pursuit of some hobby, etc. for a limited period and that at regular intervals.

If we manage our time properly, we can get prosperity, enjoyment of luxuries, peace of mind, indeed, everything. Otherwise, we lose everything.

It depends on all of us what we want to choose.


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