Essay on Work is Worship in English For Students & Children

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Essay on Work is Worship in English For Students & Children

Short Essay | Paragraph on Work is Worship in English

There are certain people who always want to remain idle. They consider life a long holiday. Such persons are hangers-on and they have no honourable place in society. Work is necessary for every human being. It gives purpose to one’s existence. One must contribute something for the betterment of one’s fellow beings. Those who live only for themselves are like frogs in the well. They have eyes but cannot see beyond their noses. The lives of great men are full of inspiration for us. They led purposeful lives. They considered work as worship. They did not at all bother about their personal comforts. They put heart and soul into the work at hand. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru worked for sixteen hours a day. He achieved much during his lifetime. In the words of Rabindranath Tagore, God is there where the tiller is tilling the hard soil and the pathmaker is breaking the stones. Scientists have changed the face of the world. All of them work hard day and night. Work is divine, it is worship. it should never be neglected.

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Essay on Work is Worship in English

Man is the most restless creature on earth. If we have a close look at the human body, we’ll realize that its very shape indicates that man has been created to do some work.

A man’s big head indicates his intellectual power. His long arms and fingers on his hands mean doing some work like holding, catching, throwing, etc. His long legs show that they are meant to make him walk frequently if not always.

It is clear that man cannot, by nature, help work. The only question is what kind of work he should do. If he falls in bad company, he’ll do one or the other evil.

A man who tries to remain idle, cannot actually do so. It is because even in idleness, his brain or mind will continue working.

Most often, it will be prone to go on some wrong path. That is why it is said that an idle man’s brain is the devil’s workshop.

It is for this reason better to train the children from the very beginning to devote their time wholeheartedly to their studies. If they work hard at their studies, they will be able to enjoy life in a better way. Thus, they will attain happiness.

It is generally said that Indians lack a work culture. This is to a great extent correct. We need only to look at the number of idle men such as the so-called holy people, hermits, astrologers, beggars, and others.

People often misuse the most positive and constructive things such as the singing of religious hymns, meditation, yoga, etc. when they carry them too far and make them a way of life instead of using them The proper way for the purpose of attaining peace, joy, and balance of mind.

Sports, exercises and such other things which are concerned with our health and recreation are also a kind of work. They should be done within the proper time limits. Thus, we can say that work is worship.


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