Essay on The Value of Books For Students & Children in English

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Essay on The Value of Books For Students & Children in English

Essay on The Value of Books in English

Books are one of the most invaluable possessions of man. Ever since Caxton invented the printing press in the fifteenth century, the shape of the whole world has changed.

It is rightly said that books preserve knowledge in time and Spread it in space. Previously, when a man thought of some. beautiful idea concerning any art, science, or literature, he could not write it and it perished.

Later, when paper and ink were invented, such an original idea could be written down. But when the idea was written down on just one sheet of paper and the latter was quickly eaten by rats or destroyed by ants or termites, the idea died automatically.

After the invention of the printing press, thousands of books containing the same idea or ideas began to appear simultaneously. The result was that even if one or a few books got destroyed somehow, the ideas still survived because some of the books could still exist, and meanwhile new books of the same type could be printed on a large scale.

In the earliest times, people memorized important ideas and even whole books to save them from destruction and they were written down in later centuries. This is how the Vedas survived.

Thus books contain the wisdom of the past. They are the symbol of our national and even human heritage and hence must be respected and preserved as such. Now, we have great public and private libraries for this purpose.

In spite of this, we must make a judicious selection of books. Only good books should be read. Some people think that books may get outdated in course of time due to Smartphones, TV, computer, cinema, and newspapers. We must rest assured that their guess is fallacious. Books are and will ever remain useful for their being store-houses of all kinds of knowledge.


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