Essay on Value of Discipline For Students & Children

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Essay on Value of Discipline For Students & Children


Short Value of Discipline Essay in 100 words

In the rapidly increasing chaos of the world, the only thing that guides us towards development is discipline. Besides being the law of nature, it is also one of the most indispensable qualities of life itself. Let us for a second take a look around us. We will notice that everything from sunrise to sunset, changing of the seasons, flowering, leaves and plants, wind, rain, birth, and deaths… in fact, everything follows a disciplined cycle of regeneration and degeneration. At the social level, discipline brings order to our lives. It encourages us to co-operate and mutually help each other. We should not mistake discipline for bondage. Because freedom does not mean ‘free for all’.It means responsibility and regulation of one’s desires and impulses.


Essay on Value of Discipline ( 300 words )

There is no life without discipline. It is a discipline that fortifies the man with strong character, enlightens the mind with useful knowledge. Discipline instills in man the virtuous principles of life which lead to real happiness. Indeed, discipline is the sanity of mind and is the outcome of wisdom. It grants neatness and orderliness to life. Thus it is a kind of mental and moral training that directs us on the right path of life and ensures happiness.

Discipline is necessary for every walk of life from the management of a humble household to the governing of a large state. Discipline is the most essential in games, sports, and other walks of life. The whole structure and the success of the army depended upon discipline. All educational institutions for their proper functioning and improvement must establish a code of conduct and demand its strict adherence. In all government affairs and in the organization of political parties, discipline is a great force.

Discipline again is an absolute necessity in business organizations. No business can prosper unless all its partners abide by the laws that are framed for their guidance. Above all the strength of a nation lies in discipline. Disciplined people are united and strong. They work in cooperation for collective good. They subordinate their personal interests to national interests.

Discipline is imperative for the individual as well as for society. On the one hand, it is the basis of life and on the other way to gain progress. Even nature teaches us the lesson of discipline. Animals and birds are subjected to it. Animals move in herds, birds fly in an orderly formation, honey bees move in a swarm. There is a particular discipline in the movement of stars, the rotation of the earth, and the motion of the heavenly bodies. Therefore, we must learn that though discipline is difficult yet it is indispensable for great achievements, peace, harmony, and a civilized way of Life.


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