Essay on Discipline in English For Students & Children

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Essay on Discipline in English For Students & Children


Short Essay on Discipline in 100 words

Discipline is a must for success. It also leads to peace and satisfaction. Without it life becomes meaningless. It is needed in studies, games and sports and all other activities of life. It means a well-regulated life. It is necessary for health and progress. Self-discipline is always the best. It means that we should follow rules and regulations on our own. Sometimes it may be forced upon. For example, there is police to keep the people in the discipline. Only disciplined people can be called civilised. The more disciplined we are the better. The greatness of a nation depends on the discipline of its citizens. Without discipline, life would become confusing and disorder. There is good discipline in everything in nature. We should not go against nature.


Write an Essay Discipline in 150 words

The word discipline comes from the word disciple meaning a learner. Disciplines mean learning to obey certain rules. Without it, there will be complete chaos and disorder everywhere in our society.

Discipline is very necessary for every walk of our life. A family cannot run well if its members do not follow the rules of conduct in it. An army cannot win a battle if the soldiers don’t obey the commander. The teacher can not properly teach in the class if the students are not disciplined. Similarly, no play is possible, if the players do not follow the rules in the playground. Discipline is also necessary for a man’s individual life. Without self-discipline. a man can never shine and succeed in life.

Thus, nobody can ignore the importance of discipline. It should be taught among the students at an early age.


Essay on Discipline in 500 words

Introduction: Discipline is essential in every organised movement. Discipline means perfect obedience to external authority. The disciple has no right to question the authority of the teacher. He must first obey and then try to understand the object and importance of order. He has no right to question. Disobedience is unpardonable in a disciple.

Discipline is very strictly enforced in the army. The slightest breach is very severely dealt with. It is also very essential in schools and colleges.

A good servant makes a good master. An obedient servant develops into an efficient master. It is only he who knows how to obey, will know how to command. Hence we should learn to obey before we aspire to command. Discipline needs self-control. One who cannot control himself can hardly control others.

Discipline implies subjection or subordination of one’s will to others. The habit of perfect respect for power has a natural tendency to change one into a mere machine. While it is necessary for the good working of collective will and to the successful carrying out of organised action, it undermines the individual by inducing a deadening monotony. The soldiers in an army are not expected to think for themselves. Hence the ordinary soldier has no individuality of his own. His individuality is sacrificed to the common interest of the whole, army He has no will of his own. His individuality is sacrificed. He is rained to carry out the will of his superior. His natural initiative gradually disappears. He becomes a victim to his officers for the -sake of discipline. The more efficient he is as a soldier, the more machine-like he becomes, and less human does he grow. Thus discipline has a baneful and degrading effect and tends to kill the more human feelings in a man by converting him into a mere machine.

Discipline enforced by external authority may be called external discipline. It is that has been described above. But the discipline enforced in colleges and schools is intended to train us in habits of self-discipline. The external discipline which is enforced on you enslaves your will. But self-discipline is the only path to true freedom. True freedom is not wanted of control but self-control. True liberty consists of self-regulation and self-discipline. Self-discipline strengthens the will. Self-discipline is the subjection of one’s natural impulses to one’s reason• by the strength of the will. Our natural impulses may be good or bad, right or wrong. Our reason must decide the question. Out will decide the action.

Conclusion: If our reason is correct, then we should be able to distinguish between good and evil, right and wrong. And then our will, if strong enough, will enable us to keep to the right and avoid the wrong. This is self-discipline. It requires self-control. Military discipline will enable you to conquer others, but self-discipline will enable you to control yourself. The greatest conquest that one can achieve is the conquest of self.


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