Essay on Money Makes The Mare Go For Students & Children

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Essay on Money Makes The Mare Go For Students & Children

Money Makes The Mare Go Essay

In the modern materialistic world, anything can be got done with the power of money.

That is why a great philosopher has said that now money talks, money thinks, money acts, money works, money helps and money does everything that we can imagine.

If you want to get a good education, you must pay a large amount of money to the authorities concerned in the shape of donations, hefty fees, annual development, and other charges and funds, besides perhaps some hush money.

In case you want to get a job, you must be able to pay a good amount to those who can and are ready to manipulate you even if you have the real merit in you for the job or not.

Even degrees and diplomas in a number of cases can be bought by spending some money.

If you have inherited rich property and wealth from your parents, you need not sweat yourself out by working hard at studies and work. You can buy the best talents and most highly qualified people by paying meager salaries and remuneration and they will work laboriously day and night for you to further your business interests and take them to task without rhyme or reason and even shunt them out at your sweet will and without assigning any reasons. This is what many mill owners, factory owners, and manufacturers do.

You can maintain good health and get your diseases cured if you can pay hefty fees to doctors and surgeons.

In any office, your file will move only if you attach some currency notes to it. Thus, only money makes the mare go these days.


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