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Time and Tide Wait For None Essay

Short Paragraph | Essay on Time and Tide Wait For None

The famous proverb “Time and Tide Wait For None” tells us that time is the most precious thing in the world. It is the only thing that once gone cannot be brought back. Time is in fact even more valuable than money, as money can be earned after spending but the same does not go for time. This is the reason why it is very important for everyone to value time. We should utilize our time in the best way without wasting a single minute. Managing time efficiently can make a person successful in life. This applies to people in every field. Whether one is a student, working professional, or housewife, time management is vital if the person wants to live a smooth life. In short, it is very important to value time, or else one’s life can be full of difficulties.

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Essay on Time and Tide Wait For None

Time does not stop or wait for any man however great or mighty he may be. The earth keeps rotating and every second of day and night keeps passing away. Hence we should not delay or postpone our important duties. We should do everything on time. Once we miss the chance, we may not get it again. Educating our children and conducting their marriages should also be done at the proper time. When we get an opportunity to render a great service to society, we should do it at once. We may get a chance to get a huge profit in our business or expand our business. We may get chances to get jobs or build or expand our own houses. If we are not quick to act we may lose our chances. In a war to miss, a chance is to invite defeat and death. Time will not wait until we give up our laziness, become active, and do the action which will bring luck to us.

In the past, if the ships did not start when favourable tides or winds came, they had to wait for several weeks to get favourable tides or winds to start sailing. It meant definite loss and suffering (‘Tides’ means ‘waves’ . The word, ‘tides’, symbolically means ‘winds’).

Time goes on passing, without waiting for anyone. Tide occurs but does not wait for anyone’s ship (longboat). Both the words mean ‘opportunities’.Opportunities do not wait for anyone. A man should be alert, vigilant, and quick to act when they come to him. Once he misses them, he misses them forever. He may not get them again in his lifetime. Losing an opportunity may make him lose a lot of wealth or the chance of getting a job.

Man cannot control time and tide. They will never stop and wait until Man makes use of them to do an action. The Tamil proverb says the Amavasya time will not wait until the purohit comes. Every minute that passes does not again come to us. Yesterday will never come to me again. It means that the opportunity lost is lost forever. The loss of an opportunity, a golden opportunity, may cause a heavy loss or suffering. Repentance may come too late to help us. A prudent man doesn’t miss the opportunity that comes to him to do a useful or profitable or noble deed. The proverb condemns vacillation, laziness, and the habit of postponing action. It points out the necessity of remaining vigilant and lays emphasis on punctuality in doing things.


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