Essay on A Visit to a Hill Station for Students & Children

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Essay on A Visit to a Hill Station for Students & Children

A Visit to a Hill Station Essay in English for Kids ( 100 words )

During my last summer vacation, I visited Shimla with my parents. We were there for a week. It is a beautiful hill station. The climate of Shimla was very good. It was pleasant in the morning but the nights were very cold. We visited many places there. We saw a big Church at Ridge Road. I also enjoyed horse riding there. We walked on Mall Road and visited many shops there. We also visited the highest peak of Shimla the ‘Jakhu Hill’. We saw many monkeys in a temple there. It was a refreshing trip for all of us.


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Essay on A Visit to a Hill Station Nainital

People go to hill stations to enjoy the cool climate and scenery there. They take a break from their daily routine and enjoy nature’s company.

Last summer, I went to Nainital along with my family. We went to Kathgodam by train. From there was reached Nainital by bus. It is a small route, but a very dangerous one. There are deep valleys on both sides. I was very frightened, I expected an accident and moment. But the driver drove the bus carefully. My father told me that it is their daily practice. The whole route was full of views and scenery. There were green trees and deep valleys on both sides of the road.

When we reached Nainital, I found myself in the lap of mother nature. We saw mountain peaks covered with snow. We took a small cottage for rent. It was neat, clean, and comfortable. It was at the top of a mountain. It gave us a beautiful view of Nainital’s natural beauty. We took our lunch and started for a walk. The houses in Nainital were made of stone. Roads were neat and clean. The atmosphere was beautiful. Many tourists had come to Nainital to enjoy there. They were walking through the market. They were going uphills and making fun. We also enjoyed going to the hills.

We went to the famous lake of Nainital. Wooden benches were placed around the lake for visitors. The light of the bulbs was reflecting in the water of the lake. The cool evening wind had a smoothing effect. We enjoyed the breeze and the beautiful sight of the lake.

The people of Nainital are very simple and hard-working. They are very friendly and hospitable. We enjoyed the food there. We ate a lot of fruit as it is very cheap there.

We had a very good time in Nainital. We can never forget the sweet time spent there.


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