Essay on A Visit to a Circus Show for Students & Children

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Essay on A Visit to a Circus Show for Students & Children

A Visit to a Circus Show Essay for kids

Once, the Asian circus visited Delhi. The show was held near the Red Fort. I want to see it with my parents. We reached there by Bus. We bought the tickets and entered the huge tent. We took our seats. The show began. Some girls showed wonderful feat of gymnastics. They jumped from one side to another. One girl rode a single wheel. A lady walked the rope with a colourful umbrella in her hands. A master displayed his control over the lions. The jokers made people laugh. It was a good show and I can not forget this circus for a very long time.


Essay on A Visit to a Circus Show in 250 t0 300 words

Last month a circus company arrived in our town. They announced it by loudspeakers in every corner of the town. I always wanted to visit a circus. So, I decided to visit this circus.

I went to see the circus with my family. We reached the circus ground before lime. There was a great crowd. People were standing in line to buy the tickets. We bought the ticket and entered the hall.

The hall was very big. It was made up of a tent. There were seats on the ground in a semi-circular manner. Some people were sitting on the ground near the ring. Soon the bell rang and the circus started.

The show started with a procession of artists and animals. It went around the ring. The band was playing. The artists were waving towards the audience. The people were clapping to welcome them.

After the procession, seven horses entered the ring. There were riders on their backs. The horses were jumping on the music and the riders were also jumping in the air. Then some elephants entered the ring. They performed many tricks. They played football. One elephant sat on the football. One elephant put its legs on the back of another elephant. They made a line in this way. People clapped loudly on each trick. Children were especially enjoying these tricks.

Then came the motorcyclist. He drove the motorcycle in a steal hollow. He drove it at a high speed. People were spellbound. After this dare-devil, a juggler came and performed. People enjoyed it. Monkeys and dogs dressed like human beings, made people laugh.

Two downs, dressed in a colourful dress, appeared. Their faces were painted. They were wearing peak caps. The people started laughing after looking at them. Their silly jokes made everyone laugh.

Then came lions. They performed various tricks. They jumped through the burning rings. They saluted the audience by bowing their heads in every direction.

Many other dangerous and interesting items were performed. We enjoyed ourselves a lot in the circus.


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