Equilibrium in a Sentence

Sharing Equilibrium in a Sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Equilibrium in Example Sentences.

Equilibrium in a Sentence

1. That particular set of scales was not in equilibrium.

2. She struggled to maintain her equilibrium.

3. As the water is neither hot nor cold it is in the perfect state of equilibrium.

4. The news of her friend’s death shocked her equilibrium.

5. The stability of the general equilibrium.

6. This point is known as the state of equilibrium.

7. Our body’s equilibrium can be disturbed by stress.

8. The free market equilibrium leads to fewer improvements.

9. The experiment defined the practical equilibrium conditions.

10. For the country’s economy to stay in equilibrium, the income must be equal to the expenditure.

11. We have achieved equilibrium in our economy.

12. The government was careful not to disturb the country’s equilibrium.

13. It is said that yoga can recover one’s inner equilibrium.

14. Which factors determine the equilibrium between phases?

15. Determination of the equilibrium level of income.

16. The point at which the solid and the liquid are in equilibrium is called the freezing point.

17. Too much change in the world is a change in the world’s equilibrium.

18. When you have a healthy diet, your body is in perfect equilibrium.

19. Having water in your ears can disturb your body’s equilibrium.

20. If the scales are not weighted equally, equilibrium will not be met.


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