Victim in a Sentence

Sharing Victim in a Sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Victim in Example Sentences.

Victim in a Sentence

1. She was an innocent victim who had no role to play in the crime.

2. Do you have the victim list with you right now?

3. He fell victim to her tricks.

4. She became a victim of diabetes.

5. He soon became a victim of office gossip.

6. The town had become a victim of the earthquake.

7. I am a victim of stress.

8. He was a victim of serious health issues.

9. He was a victim of racial discrimination abroad.

10. She was a victim of greed and anger.

11. She became the victim of unfavorable circumstances.

12. She always got out playing the victim card.

13. I was a victim of pickpocketing on the train.

14. He was a victim of gross injustice.

15. The crash victim was now on a life support machine.

16. She fell victim to an office prank.

17. The victim suffered brain damage due to the car accident.

18. The victim had been strangled by the belt.

19. The accused had used the phone of the victim to call for ransom.

20. He fell victim to jaundice.


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