Deft in a sentence

Sharing Deft in a Sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Deft in Example Sentences.

Deft in a sentence

1. He finished off the painting with deft strokes.

2. The professor had a deft touch in Translation.

3. It took a few deft arguments to make him agree.

4. She was deft at dealing with journalists.

5. She sketched her work with deft strokes.

6. With the help of deft fingers, she untangled the wires.

7. Only a deft artist could capture the perfect picture of the model in clay.

8. The deft surgeon performed the operation swiftly.

9. Even though I enjoy writing, I am not deft enough to be a professional writer.

10. The concert pianist had deft fingers.

11. It took a bit of deft footwork to get him to agree.

12. The situation required deft political work.

13. He had deft fingers which helped him with tricky painting jobs.

14. Her movements were deft and quick.

15. She answered all the questions of the journalists with a deft touch.

16. The deft musician was able to play a musical instrument at the same time.

17. Almost every piece here is deft, imaginative, and intelligent.

18. He was very deft at handling awkward situations.

19. The actor was deft at handling reporters.

20. Not everyone had a deft hand in handling this complicated situation.


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