Dissemble in a Sentence

Sharing Dissemble in a Sentence in English, these sentences we use in our daily life and are helpful in academic exams. Word Dissemble in Example Sentences.

Dissemble in a Sentence

1. The thief got a different cell phone to dissemble from the police.

2. He tried to dissemble the surprise birthday party he was throwing his wife.

3. They tried to dissemble their real motives.

4. The con man tried his best to dissemble his motives from the people.

5. As he didn’t want to start an argument he tried to dissemble his political beliefs.

6. It is said that the greatest skill of a defense lawyer is to dissemble the truth from the jury.

7. She sometimes had to dissemble to work on crucial issues.

8. She’s not the type of person who would just rise to dissemble.

9. It’s pretty hard to trust a person who likes to constantly dissemble their intent for monetary reasons.

10. It may seem easier to dissemble your true beliefs from people but it is always best to just be honest.

11. You should always be honest with yourself and not dissemble.

12. The politician chose to dissemble his responses.

13. I tried to dissemble an interest I didn’t feel.

14. I will not dissemble and lie about your work history to employers.

15. She has been trained to dissemble and conceal his real thoughts.

16. She felt the need to dissemble her true feelings to avoid getting hurt.

17. Perhaps you were right to dissemble your love.

18. He tried to dissemble her disappointment with a joke.

19. The couple managed to dissemble their love from the community successfully.

20. It is believed that the one who knows how to dissemble knows how to live.


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