Conversation Between two friends in English

Question- Write a Dialogue or Conversation Between two friends

Answer– Conversation Between two friends on two topics

1. Conversation Between two friends about a tour.

2. Conversation Between Two Friends on the Value of Games.


Conversation Between two friends about a tour.

Aman– Hello, Sahil, when did you come back?

Sahil– Only last night.

Aman– How did you enjoy your visit to Darjeeling?

Sahil– I had really a splendid time there.

Aman– How long were you there?

Sahil– We stayed there for a week.

Aman– How did you enjoy the sunrise from Tiger Hill?

Sahil– Very much. The sky was very clear on the day. What a lovely sight it was!

Aman– You were really fortunate to have good weather. But we missed the sunrise when we went there. The sky was foggy then.

Sahil– I also liked the natural beauty of the hill-town.

Aman– I too enjoyed it very much. And this is one of the reasons why people go to Darjeeling.

Sahil– That’s quite true. Good-bye.

Aman– Good-bye


Long Conversation Between Two Friends on the Value of Games


Sham– Hello, Ram, I always find you studying and doing nothing else.

Ram– Good God, you step in just when I open my book. I study for pleasure and not for anything else.

Sham– That much I understand. But many a time people lose health in the pursuit of pleasures.

Ram– Health. What is wrong with my health?

Sham– You don’t know this. Ask others about it.

Ram– Do you mean that my health is going down?

Sham– Yes, I do. Dear friend, you are really losing your health in search of all such false pursuits of life. Give up all these rotten books. They will lead you nowhere. Just follow me to the playground and there you will find the real bliss of life.

Ram– How is that? How can games make our life happy?

Sham- They can do so. You’ll be convinced only if you begin taking part in games.

Ram– But first convince me of all that. Devinder was also saying the same thing yesterday. But he could not convince me.

Sham– Might be. But he himself is not a good player of any game. How can he convince you? It is very difficult for a person to convince others of a particular thing unless he himself is adept in that thing.

Ram– But you are a good player. You can convince me of this thing.

Sham– Certainly, I would be able to do that. Only that you should go with me to the playground every evening for about a fortnight. There begin taking part in games and see how you enjoy them.

Ram– This means I will have to waste two weeks on this thing. It would be really a problem for me. Let me, first think over it seriously. I have very many fears, lest I should miss the first position in the class.

Sham– How can it be?

Ram– You see, I would be wasting three hours every day. That would mean a loss of seventy-two or seventy-five hours in a fortnight.

Sham– Really you possess a great calculating brain. Did you ever think that you waste every day about two hours taking meals and six hours of sleep?

Ram– All such things are unavoidable. One can’t live without them.

Sham– Yes, yes. But one can live without games. After all, for how long? You do not feel the need or value of games today. You’ll feel it after a year or two when you’ll become weaker.

Ram– I also know this thing. But the trouble is that these stand in my way of studies. A good deal of time is wasted.

Sham– Here I don’t agree with you. It is not the time but the health that is lost or wasted.

Ram– How is that?

Sham– A very simple thing to understand. If you study too much and do not recoup your lost energies on the playground, your labour will go to waste. You’ll lose your health. Then everything will go to waste, you’ll fail in life, if not in the examination. Even in the examinations also I have seen many a bookworm failing.

Ram– Is it a fact?

Sham– Yes, it is. I ant not talking rot. Your health has gone down. You are not feeling it today. But you’ll feel it only if it goes down a little more. At that time you won’t be able to study even. Naturally, you’ll feel, games do not stand in our way of studies. These rather add to our energies and enable us to study more.

Ram- You are right, my friend. You are perfectly right. I have got at the real secret of student life. Games also help us in our studies. From tomorrow I’ll accompany you to the playground to take part in games.

Sham– Then I have got every right of feeling proud of my victory-victory, where others have failed and I have succeeded.

Ram– Of course, you have won the victory. I thank you very much for bringing me round to all such real facts of life.

Sham– All right, I shall come tomorrow to take you to the playground.


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