Dialogue | Conversation between two friends after a long time

Question- Write a Conversation between two friends after a long time


Answer– Dialogue Between Two Friends Shweta and Tina Who Met After a Long Time

The study material for students- Conversation between two friends after a long time


Tina: Hi Shweta!

Shweta: Hi Tina! How have you been? It’s been a long time since we last met.

Tina: Yes, it’s really been so long. Where were you? I even tried your phone a couple of times, but it didn’t get through.

Shweta: Actually my family and I have migrated to Canada.

Tina: Oh I see. That’s nice. This means you’re here for a visit.

Shweta: We are actually here these days for my brother’s wedding.

Tina: That’s nice to hear. Congratulations!

Shweta: Thank you so much, Tina.

Tina: So when’s the wedding?

Shweta: It’s on the coming Sunday.

Tina: I see, so till when are you in India?

Shweta: We are here till the 15th of January. In fact, I’m wondering if we could plan a friend’s meet.

Tina: That sounds like a good idea. When do you think we can get together. I guess a weekend would be the best time.

Shweta: Yes, a weekend plan would be feasible for almost everyone.

Tina: So, Shweta once you are free from the wedding do let me know so that we can plan out the rest.

Shweta: Sure Tina once I’m free from the wedding will get in touch with you. Then we’ll plan out something.


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